Coronation Street spoilers: “Todd is now much more selfish and manipulative,” says Sue Cleaver

Todd's lies disappoint mum Eileen when he returns to Weatherfield next week

Eileen had been expecting to find Todd on her doorstep, but what she gets is his angry and emotional partner who insists that Todd has ripped him off:


“Alex forces his way into the house and starts going on about how Todd dumped him and that Todd’s been fired from his job. Eileen gets really upset, especially when Alex says that her son is a lazy, selfish liar. She can’t stand those words being said about him and ends up throwing Alex out.”

The trouble is that when Todd eventually does show up, he fails to come clean and layers lie upon lie, leaving Eileen struggling to maintain her genial façade. “He behaves as if nothing has happened and doesn’t mention Alex at all. Eileen’s really hurt and confused, especially when he lies to her and Jason and tells them how well he’s dong at work. She’s really disappointed in him.”

In the end, it takes a confrontation with Alex for Todd’s true colours to be revealed, but it seems that he could still have a supporter in the form of a hoodwinked Sean Tully:

“Eileen’s really hurt because she realises that Todd’s only come home as he has no job and nowhere else to go,” says Cleaver. “However, Sean is completely taken in by Todd. Eileen, who’s not so easily manipulated, calls him a soft touch. That said, it doesn’t take long before she backs down and tells Todd that he can stay.”

So will Eileen always stand by her son, regardless of the circumstances? “She’s very disappointed with Todd and upset that he could lie to her, but he is her son and she loves him. They’ve dealt with issues in the past and Eileen’s always been there for him. She was very accepting when he came out as gay and just wants him to be happy.

“Todd has changed a lot, though. He’s now much more selfish and manipulative and I think he’s going to cause some trouble on the street.”


And what’s it been like for Cleaver to be reunited with Bruno Langley? “It’s brilliant to have him back and lovely that Eileen has both her sons under one roof again. It’s so much fun working with Bruno and Ryan Thomas together and I’ve been really looking forward to it. The Grimshaws came onto the street together and it’s great that we’re all back with one another again. We’ve got some exciting stuff coming up.”