Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

28 Oct-1 Nov: Josh decides to leave school, while Sheila struggles with anxiety

Monday 28 October


Lauren and Brad set new ground rules for Josh and Amber’s relationship – they are allowed to see each other provided that Josh does extra tutoring and gardening duties for a month and Amber works extra hours at Harold’s. Rather than submit to such a regime, Josh decides to quit school. Bailey’s delight at Rani’s return is short-lived when he discovers that she has only come to say goodbye.

Tuesday 29 October

Terese tries to persuade Josh to change his mind, without success. Sheila rushes out into the night to rescue Chris when he sleepwalks again, but is deeply shaken by a chance encounter with a threatening stranger. Lou has been looking forward to his seventieth birthday, but now believes that he is about to die.

Wednesday 30 October

Sheila is still shaken by her nocturnal encounter. Chris is shocked to learn about his sleepwalking misadventure and admits that he has been taking sleeping pills again. After Rani dashes his hopes of accompanying her to England, Bailey lashes out at Callum. Realising its significance, Amali gives Georgia her song back.

Thursday 31 October

Bailey tries to apologise to Callum, but it is clear that their relationship has been damaged. Callum’s interest in Imogen prompts Josie to join the gym to lose some weight, although she hides this reason from Brad and Sonya. Karl assures Lou that he is in good health and Lauren decides to throw a surprise birthday party for him. Sheila confronts a person whom she thinks might be her attacker, but she turns out to be mistaken.

Friday 1 November


Lou is delighted when Lolly turns up at his birthday party. As Lolly and Mason bond, she admits that she has recently been dumped but does not want to spoil the occasion. After receiving a gift of a framed family tree, Lou realises that he has made a mistake about his age. Paul remains furious over Amali’s decision not to perform Georgia’s song. Mason is left with false hope after Terese suggests that Kate still has feelings for him.