The Graham Norton Show according to Cher – in pictures

The red sofa plays host to Cher, Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer and Jennifer Saunders this week. We image what Cher makes of it all…


Having recently performed her new track on The X Factor, singer Cher has pootled over to the BBC for a spot on this Friday’s Graham Norton Show.


The sofa can barely fit all of the guests on, with actor Robert De Niro, actress Michelle Pfeiffer and comedienne Jennifer Saunders also stopping by.

But while we wait to find out what the gang actually talk about, we imagine what Cher might be thinking… 

Well, given I’m sat closest to Graham, I’m totally the most important guest. Try not to look smug… try not to look smug…ah never mind.

No Graham, that isn’t how you turn back time.

So, I was the only one not on the ‘you have to wear white’ memo. Cheers guys. Really funny. 

Er, tiny problem here. I’m not in the shot. Hello? Anyone?

Yeah so my name is Cher not share – get back to me!


The Graham Norton Show continues Friday 10:35pm, BBC One