Doctor Who: David Bradley faces the Daleks in new pictures from An Adventure In Space and Time

New stills released by BBC America give more of a taste of what to expect from Mark Gatiss' Doctor Who drama

Following last week’s exciting splurge of pictures from Mark Gatiss’ Doctor Who drama An Adventure In Space and Time, we’ve been treated to a few more.


In three new shots released by BBC America today, we get our first glimpse of William Hartnell’s first Doctor, played by David Bradley, facing off against his greatest foe in a replicated shot from 1963 serial The Daleks.

Other pictures include a solitary pose from Bradley as the late Hartnell, and a shot from the filming of debut episode An Unearthly Child, featuring early companions Barbara Wright (Jemma Power), Ian Chesterton (Jamie Glover) and Susan (Claudia Grant).

See the pictures for yourself below.