The Great British Bake Off quiz

Who stole the custard, what on earth was Elbowgate and who created the edible Dalek? Test your Bake Off knowledge now...

The fourth series of The Great British Bake Off has been jam-packed with baking drama. From tumbling biscuit towers, to squashed muffins, soggy bottoms (and tops!) and a whole lot of ‘I wouldn’t have done it like that’s from judge Paul Hollywood – it’s been a rollercoaster. 


As tonight’s final approaches, we want to test your Bake Off knowledge. So, try our quiz and see how many questions you get right out of 10…

1. Whose biscuit tower crumbled in week five?

2. Which baker made a Dalek-inspired cake in week three?

3. In week six, which ‘interesting’ ingredient did Howard use in one of his bakes?

4. Which finalist broke a mixing bowl while whisking?

5. Complete the sentence: “If my XXX is dry, all will be well today”. 

6. Who ‘stole’ Howard’s custard?

7. Which presenter caused ‘Elbowgate’ after she lent on one of Howard’s muffins?

8. In week one, who put salt instead of sugar in his bake?

9. Who said, “I will not be defeated by a sodding French biscuit”?

10. Which baker was sent packing in week two after producing a tomato shaped loaf?


1 – 3: If you were a bake off show-stopper, you’d have a soggy bottom and a soggy top. Better luck next time.  

4 – 6: A bit half baked – rather a case of style over substance, but you’re on your way to the top.

7 – 10: You’re a Star Baker! Bravo, even Paul Hollywood would be proud. For like a second. Maybe. 

See The Great British Bake Off final tonight at 8:00pm on BBC2