Paul McGann on returning to Doctor Who: “If not now, then maybe some other time”

The actor - yet again - rules out a part in the 50th anniversary special but says the eighth Doctor could make a return in the future


Either Paul McGann is a truly superb liar or – as he keeps saying – he really isn’t involved in the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special. There’s no need to lose hope, though, because according to the man himself, that doesn’t mean he won’t return in the future. 


Speaking about The Day of the Doctor, McGann said that while he was “dismayed” not to be in the November special because “I always wanted to be in a 3D anything,” the door is always open for the return of the eighth Doctor.

“The thing about Doctor Who, of course, is that if not now, then maybe some other time. That’s the beauty of it. We can always come back,” he told TV site Flicks and the City.

Returning to the subject of the 50th anniversary special, McGann reiterated yet again that no classic Doctors are involved with the 75 minute episode. 

“There’s no McCoy… there’s no, you know… we’re not in it. Nor are we in the Christmas special let me tell you. I don’t think so anyway! Not unless they are going to shoot it next week.”

He went on to add, “There’s all kind of rumours and counter-rumours and everything doing the rounds. One gets tired trying to refute things on Twitter and the like. Take it from me, I’m not in it.”

Perhaps the Time Lord doth protest too much?