Homeland: Damian Lewis narrates audio book filling in the gaps since Brody left Carrie

Phantom Pain is a letter from Brody to Carrie explaining what happened to him between the end of series 2 and his reappearance in series 3


Homeland star Damian Lewis has narrated additional audio content from the perspective of his character Nicholas Brody to support series three of the conspiracy thriller.


It’s taken until episode three for Brody to return to the show. We’ve not been given much information on how, as a suspected terrorist on the run, he’s managed to get from A to B, stay out of sight and find himself a squatter in the high rise Tower of David in Venezuela.  

The story, entitled Phantom Pain, is in fact a letter to his lover, CIA agent Carrie (Claire Danes), in which Brody explains his journey and how he’s coping since having to flee from her and America.

From meeting Carrie’s friend June, who helps smuggle him into a shipping container, to sticking to a schedule of two-hourly exercise and six-hourly meals, Brody details his time on the run from those who dub him ‘the all-American terrorist’.

The 29-minute recording is free to download – you just have to sign up to audible.co.uk

Homeland continues on Channel 4 on Sunday at 9pm