Fifty Shades: Who should replace Charlie Hunnam as Christian Grey?

From Matt Bomer to Jamie Dornan, the search is on for a new Christian Grey. But who do you think should step into the sexy millionaire's shoes?

We spent hours, days, weeks, MONTHS, even, agonising over who should awaken Anastasisa Steele’s inner goddess on the big screen.


Then Dakota Johnson and Charlie Hunnam were announced as the pair set to take on Fifty Shades of Grey’s saucy couple. A few of us grumbled. There were a couple of online petitions but all in all we stopped thinking about it. That was until our Christian Grey bailed. Now, thanks to Charlie Hunnam we are back to the drawing board…

Whether the British star floated your boat or not, it’s time to voice your opinions again. Do you still think fan-favourite Matt Bomer is the right man for the job? Or could the new names in the mix change your mind?

Just who should step into the shoes of EL James’ S&M obbsessed millionaire?

Have your say in our poll:


Directed by Sam Taylor-Johson and starring Dakota Johnson, Fifty Shades of Grey is expected to hit cinemas in summer 2014.