Mark Gatiss drama An Adventure In Space And Time to recreate missing Doctor Who episodes

The Doctor Who genesis story is set to bring lost stories such as Marco Polo back to life

For certain Doctor Who fans, Mark Gatiss’ An Adventure In Space And Time is gathering pace as being more exciting than the 50th anniversary special itself. As not only is the drama returning back to the show’s ‘60s origins but, according to the creator himself, it is also bringing lost episodes back to life.


Speaking about the show, the creator confirmed that, “We’ve recreated moments of lost episodes… like Marco Polo.”

Marco Polo, a 1964 serial set in 1289 China, is missing all seven episodes. The story concerns the Tardis crew crash-landing in the Himalayas before being picked up by Venetian merchant-explorer Marco Polo, who’s on his way to see Emperor Kublai Khan. Soon enough, of course, the William Hartnell’s first Doctor is caught up in an assassination plot.

Gatiss also went on to tell Sci-Fi Now that Mark Eden, who played Polo, will be playing “the head BBC Drama guy who bugs Syndey Newman.”

Whilst missing, the serial does survive in the form of audio and various still photgraphs that detail an impressive costume and set design; doubtlessly useful when it came to Gatiss recreating a lost piece of history.

The news will come as a delight to fans of the classic series who recently had nine previously-lost episodes from two Patrick Troughton stories – The Web Of Fear and The Enemy Of The World – returned to them.


An Adventure In Space And Time is set to air in November.