Jonathan Rhys Meyers on The Tudors: I was “slightly horrified” that it went on so long

“By season three or four, I wasn't happy doing it" says the star, of his role as Henry VIII in the historical drama

Jonathan Rhys Meyers, a household name after his role as Henry VIII in BBC2 historical drama The Tudors, admits he thought the show would only last for one season – and was not too happy that it continued.


“I didn’t want it to be four seasons. I was slightly horrified. By season three or four, I wasn’t happy doing,’ Meyers tells Radio Times magazine. “Psychologically, I had to be 6ft 3in and I’m only 5ft 10in – and Henry’s size was a huge element of him.”

Meyers is about to return to our screens in the central role of Sky Living’s new take on Dracula, but admits TV work can be tough.

“Doing a series is like making four movies at once: you have many more opportunities to fall on your backside. There are days when going into work in the same studio with the same people, uttering your lines in the same costume…”

But on playing the bad guy – a vampire no less – he jokes, “I’m cast as bad guys because I look like one. I can convey that sense of conflict, I suppose, because I’m a guy who lives in conflict a lot of the time. It’s not something I have to search for, that sense of looking for some sort of peace or balance – it’s evident in me regardless of what I do.”

Dracula starts Thursday 31 October at 9:00pm on Sky Living

Read the full interview in this week’s Radio Times magazine, on sale Tuesday 22 October