Joanna Page: Wild horses (and a c-section) couldn’t keep me away from Doctor Who 50th

The Breathless star was determined to appear in the Doctor Who anniversary episode despite having only just given birth


Joanna Page has revealed just how much she wanted to appear in the Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode.


She had just become a mum when she got the offer to play Elizabeth I in the feature-length special, but that didn’t stop the 35-year-old actress from making her Doctor Who debut. Oh no. 

“I’ve always wanted to be in it so I was so excited,” she told Radio Times during an interview about new ITV period medical drama Breathless. “You don’t expect when you’ve just had a baby for someone to phone and go: ‘Do you fancy playing Elizabeth I?'”

The Who fan didn’t even let a recent c-section hold her back from appearing in anniversary special The Day of the Doctor. “I was recovering from a caesarean but I still got on the back of a horse with David Tennant,” said Page. 

But it seems she and her husband [actor James Thornton] were keen to ensure filming didn’t interfere with baby Eva’s needs. 

“Just as we were about to ride off my husband drove up because Eva needed feeding: I had to jump off the horse and rip open my bodice. Fortunately, David [Tennant]’s a dad so he’s used to it!”

Read the full interview with Joanna Page in this week’s Radio Times magazine, on sale from Tuesday

Breathless is on Thursdays at 9pm on ITV