Downton Abbey series four, episode five: the best quotes

From heavy halos to uppity chauffeurs, this week's Downton episode was littered with classic one-liners


Mary to Edith: “Not for the first time, you’ve got the wrong end of the stick…”


Violet to Isobel: “I wonder your halo doesn’t grow heavy.”

Branson: “Sybie says there’s going to be a huricane…”

Sybie (her first words on Downton): “Uh oh.”

Violet: “The one thing we don’t want is a poet in the family.” 

Thomas to Baxter: “Another one roped to the chariot.”

Mrs Patmore to Cora: “Well, m’lady… I wouldn’t mind getting rid of my corset.”

Violet to Isobel: “Nobody cares about anything as much as you do.” 

Branson to Robert: “Wouldn’t it be easier for [Sybie] to begin with a clean slate rather than being the daughter of an uppity chauffeur?”

Violet to Isobel (again): “What would you prefer? That I invite the local criminals to drop in and strip the house bare?”

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