HELLO! I’m Dom Joly and I’m doing a documentary about the mobile phone!

TV prankster known for his stunt involving an outsized phone goes serious with plans for an ITV show about the history of the device

He made his name bellowing “I’m on the phone” into an over-sized mobile phone while poor onlookers were trying to enjoy a children’s singing concert or a quiet moment in the cinema.


But Dom Joly, the man behind the obnoxious character on Channel 4’s Trigger Happy TV more than 12 years ago, is in talks about making a documentary about the history of the device for ITV.

Joly, whose hidden camera show Fool Briannia is currently enjoying  a second series on the same channel, told RadioTimes.com that the series would be international in scope if it is given the green light.

“If it goes ahead it will be how the phone has changed the world,” he said.

Joly is also hoping to make a programme unmasking internet trolls.

The comedian has told RadioTimes.com that the proposed show – thought to be for Channel 4 – will turn the tables on those who use social media like Twitter and Facebook to troll people they don’t know, often with abusive or cruel messages.

“It is a very interesting phenomenon, the way people act very differently behind a computer screen. This show would confront them – we would knock on their doors.”

Joly, who has more than 165,000 Twitter followers, has had his own fair share of run-ins with so-called “trolls”.

Two years ago he called the police after a Twitter account was set up by an internet ‘troll’ abusing his two son and daughter.


Joly, who lives in lives in Cirencester, Gloucestershire, warned the account holder, who set up @deathtojolykids that he faced criminal action for his actions.