What US talk shows taught us: Ke$ha’s past lives, Walking Dead dangers & Owen Wilson’s festive prank

Our Stateside reporter rounds up all the latest gossip from the chat show sofas in North America

Ke$ha is a past warrior princess


Sometimes pop artist and most times just another puzzling celebrity, Ke$ha stopped by to see Jimmy Kimmel to promote the second season of her US MTV show Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life.

The show host had just finished a prank bit on hypnosis and opened his chat with the singer on the topic.

“I do it frequently,” Ke$ha said when asked if she did hypnosis. “I go into my past lives. I’ve been a warrior princess. I’ve also been a dude many times, which makes a lot of sense. Only cool ones.”

The “Tik Tok” singer said that she likes to look to her past lives to see where her current problems might have stemmed from. And that’s not the only advice she takes from the paranormal.

“I was told I have dead people inside me,” she confessed.

“Who told you all this?” Kimmel  responded with the palpable disbelief.

“My hypno-therapist! So then she said she had to exorcize my body. Then I got a ghost meter to read, and it just beeped at my vagina. It seemed to be accurate, because I’ve been having a dry spell.”

We’ll leave our problems to non-ghostly matters, thank you very much.


The dangers of The Walking Dead

You’d think that working on the set of a zombie apocalypse TV show would make you resistant to all things creepy and crawly, but Steven Yeun’s chat with Conan O’Brien proved otherwise.

The actor, who plays Gleen Rhee on the show, talked about how filming in Atlanta, Georgia means dealing with not only aggressive zombies, but also insects, mosquitoes, red ants and ticks.

“I’ve had a run-in with a tick,” he said of filming. “It was really bad. I went home after a day of work and I was doing a regular tick check. I went into to go to the shower, pulled my pants down, and I had a guy on my guy.”

That’s one too many occupational hazards along with having to work with the undead.

Owen Wilson pranks Woody Harrelson

It might not be winter yet, but Owen Wilson’s recent visit to Ellen DeGeneres had him giving all of us pranksters ideas for the upcoming season.

The Midnight in Paris star was on the talk show alongside buddy and co-star Woody Harrelson ahead of the opening of their new animated film Free Birds.

Wilson said that one Christmas, he was visiting Harrelson before going off to celebrate with his own family, but he couldn’t leave without stirring a bit of trouble.

“I excused myself and pretended I had to go get something from the car,” he said. “So I ran around the house, went into Laura and Woody’s closet, grabbed some stuff, put it in a bag, ran back around, came in and said, ‘I got a Christmas present for you.’”

As the story goes, Harrelson was ecstatic to receive a sweater already in his closet from his friend.

“When he put on the shoes he was literally jumping like a kid saying, ‘They fit perfect!’” Wilson recounted.

It took a while for the Now You See Me actor to catch on.

“He took like 22 items before I realised it,” he said. But it was all in good fun, as Wilson pointed out.

“And I said I gave him the most important gift of all — appreciating what he already had.”