Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

21-25 October: Lucas and Vanessa bid farewell, while Chris gets desperate

Monday 21 October


Lucas, Vanessa and Patrick return after their honeymoon in Daylesford to collect the keys to their new Eclipse apartment and start packing and moving. However, the first inspection of their new home reveals minor defects, as well as the discovery it isn’t as big as they expected. But things look brighter when they receive two offers on the same day: one for their new apartment, and another for the garage. Lucas and Vanessa initially dismiss the offers, noting the irony that they could have really used them a few weeks ago. But the new possibilities suddenly in front of them prove tempting and, remembering the beautiful house they saw for sale in Daylesford, Vanessa and Lucas start to consider their future. They could change their lives and find a new start if they wanted it. The question is – do they?

Paul organises for Georgia to meet with a record producer, who’s keen to release her song as a single. Georgia’s excited, but Kyle’s concerns grow. He’s worried she’ll struggle to juggle pop stardom with her nursing career, and takes his fears to Paul. Paul’s unimpressed to learn Georgia has no intention of quitting nursing. Worried Georgia might not be as bankable an investment as he thought, he challenges her on what Kyle’s told him. Georgia’s annoyed Kyle has presumed to speak for her, but her frustration turns to alarm when she learns Paul’s decided to get someone else to sing her song. Georgia protests but learns that Paul is well within his rights, according to the contract she signed.

Sheila is on the warpath about Chop and Lennie after they broke through the fence and destroyed her vegetable patch. When Karl discovers they’ve escaped from the backyard again, he accuses her of deliberately letting them out, until Susan confesses she didn’t shut the gate properly. Karl reveals his sentimental attachment to them – Chop helped reunite him and Susan – but ultimately he accepts that it’s time for the animals to live out their days on a farm.

Josh is against the idea of taking on extra tutoring, suggesting that now he’s on the brink of making the national team, he’ll simply quit school instead. Terese is horrified at the thought and, after advice from Susan, she and Brad stand their ground. Josh is doing the tutoring and that’s final.

Tuesday 22 October

Lucas and Vanessa are tantalised by the very real prospect of starting a new life in the country. Finally, they make a snap decision – to pack up their lives and buy their dream house in Daylesford. Not only that, deciding to seize the day, Lucas convinces Vanessa they should leave right away, and rent near their new house until they can move in. Vanessa agrees, and they begin breaking the news to their friends – who are sad to see them go, but happy that they’re looking forward to such a bright future. Supported by their friends and neighbours, Lucas and Vanessa bid farewell Ramsay Street.

Chris is unable to get a hold of Hudson and is increasingly anxious. The news that Lucas is planning to leave Erinsborough for good only makes Chris feel more alone and lost. Feeling for him, Sheila asks Toadie to find out what’s happened with Hudson, but when Toadie relays the news that Hudson is out on bail and has returned to Sydney, it makes Chris feel even worse. He’s convinced that Hudson is rejecting him, and his guilt is piqued, blaming himself for everything that’s happened. Fuelled by his impossible situation, Chris has a run-in with a customer at the garage, and is shocked to discover that she’s his new boss…

Georgia lashes out at Kyle, upset that Paul’s giving the song she wrote to someone else. She and Kyle quickly reconcile, but Kyle’s attempts to change Paul’s mind fall on deaf ears. Georgia’s further confronted when the singer Paul’s hired to replace her turns out to be someone she admires – Amali Ward. She tries to put on a brave face, but seeing someone else singing her song is too much for her, and she walks out.

Wednesday 23 October

Kept up most of the night, tormented by thoughts of Hudson, Chris oversleeps and is late for work, not impressing his new boss, Danni. Tired and unable to concentrate, he makes a further mistake and Danni has no choice but to give him his first official warning. Shaken that his job is on the line, Chris turns to Karl for help and convinces him to prescribe sleeping tablets. But is this the solution to Chris’s problems, or only the beginning?

Matt and Mason remain at odds. When Lauren witnesses the two argue, she pleads with Matt to make the first move. While clearing out the shed, Matt comes across his and Mason’s old fishing gear and the pair re-connect over a shared memory. Matt takes the first step towards mending their rift and Mason accepts an invitation to go fishing with his father later that day. However, when Mason discovers that Kate has returned, he cancels the planned trip.

Convinced Hermione is cursed, Imogen puts the car on the market. When Mason argues against selling the car, Imogen refuses to listen and Mason is forced to undertake desperate measures to convince her to change her mind. When Mason shows Imogen his surprise – having Hermione’s name spray painted on the car, Imogen’s love for the car is rekindled and she agrees to keep it.

Thursday 24 October

Kyle and Sheila are shocked to find Chris lying in the back garden with no memory of how he got there. Karl diagnoses sleepwalking and urges Chris to stop taking the sleeping pills he prescribed. Chris remains exhausted and upset, unable to relax, and is tempted to take another tablet.

Kate is surprised by the change in Paul after Jack’s visit, but is thrilled when he asks her to help organise an educational scholarship. Meanwhile, Mason is still hurt in the wake of Kate’s rejection and meets up with a hotel guest after-hours – a strict no-no. Is Mason self-sabotaging in the wake of Kate’s rejection?

Georgia remains upset when Paul refuses to return the song to her. Protective Kyle steps in and tries to speak to Amali but Paul manages to stop him and lets loose at Georgia. Georgia accepts that she’s going to have to let the song go, but is gutted when she sees that Paul has removed her original version from the internet. She’s lost all connection to her own work.

Friday 25 October

Josh and Amber connive to get time together, both planning on opting out of family outings in order to win time with each other. All goes to plan after much manipulation on both sides, only for Josh to crash out on the couch and miss their hook up. 

Amber is miffed the next day, but Josh comes up with a way to make it up to her when he realises that the Kennedys have a spare key to the empty Kapoor house. He and Amber are making use of the facilities, getting hot and heavy, when Susan and Rani unexpectedly arrive.

Mason and Matt remain at odds after Mason stood Matt up for their fishing trip. After angry words, they both calm down enough for Mason to share what’s really going on for him – he’s heartbroken that Kate won’t give them another chance. Matt offers counsel and comfort, then suggests that they could make up for their fishing day today if Mason is keen. Mason agrees and the two Turner men head off, much to the delight of Lauren.

Toadie struggles to come up with ideas to reinvigorate the law firm after the bad PR from the hit and run fiasco. He decides to advertise, but is frustrated when he can’t get onto Ajay to gain his approval for the expenditure. He makes an executive decision to book the ad anyway, but then he receives a phone call from Ajay that changes everything.

Josie learns of Callum’s crush on Imogen and feels sidelined. Pumping Bailey for information, she can’t take much solace from the fact that Imogen is not interested in Callum – if that’s the type of girl he likes, Josie doesn’t stand a chance. Later, Josie compares herself with Imogen and rejects the snack foods she was about to continue eating, going home empty handed and unhappy.


Lauren plans a surprise 70th celebration for Lou, roping Bailey in to helping her research a family tree that will be part of Lou’s present. There’s some confusion over some records they find online, but the whole secret is blown out of the water when Lou stumbles on their makeshift family tree and Lauren inadvertently reveals the party too. Lou is chuffed to learn about both and is more than happy to get involved in it all.