Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

21-25 October: Casey finds himself unpopular, while Heath comes clean to Bianca at the wedding

Monday 21 October


Casey is recovering well after his alcohol poisoning and Maddy prods him about where he stands with Tamara. Casey still cares for Tamara, but doesn’t know what to say to her. After making her decision to stay with Kyle, Tamara gathers her courage and breaks the news to Casey. He takes the news hard and decides to move out of the house he shares with Kyle and his brothers. Kyle is distressed; he and Casey were finally getting along. He wants Casey to stay, and admits that he truly believed Tamara would pick Casey over him. Harvey allows Casey to move back into the caravan, as long as he doesn’t repeat his past bad behaviour with drinking and women. Maddy, still wounded over Sasha and Spencer’s relationship, rekindles her friendship with Casey. Spencer and Sasha stage an intervention of sorts with Maddy, concerned about her growing relationship with Casey. Sasha’s been there before with Casey, and warns her about the dangers of falling for him. Maddy’s not interested in Sasha’s advice, and asks Sasha if there’s one guy in Summer Bay that Sasha hasn’t slept with. Sasha and Spencer brush off the cruel comment, realising that Maddy’s still hung up on being a virgin. Incensed, Maddy goes to let off steam with Casey, and tries to initiate sex.

After the disastrous trial run of the bus tour, John decides to train Marilyn to be a lean, mean, bus-tour hostessing machine. Together they try vocal warm-ups and other techniques, but deciding that passion is as important as technique, John recites poetry. Marilyn’s feelings towards John threaten to overwhelm her as she’s all a flutter after his poetry reading. Marilyn attempts to finally talk about her feelings with John, but before she can they’re interrupted by Sally, who’s frantic with worry over Pippa who’s left school with Jett. After John and Sally track down the wayward kids, it’s clear to John that Jett’s not at fault and was trying to look out for Pippa. However, as John and Jett head back home, Nina passes by and gloats that Jett’s been busted. Incensed, he accuses her of dobbing on him – making things even worse between him and Nina, much to Jett’s dismay.

Pippa is excited to go back to school, and Sally finds it hard to back off. Maddy promises to look out for her, and Jett offers to walk Pippa to school. When they arrive Pippa suggests she and Jett skip school. When Jett refuses, Pippa threatens to go on her own, so Jett is forced to wag with her. Free from the watching eyes of adults, the pair talk candidly about loss and grief, which helps Pippa express her feelings about being ill. Meanwhile, Sally is sick with worry when she discovers Pippa is missing. She’s angry at Maddy, who was supposed to be keeping an eye on Pippa, but has been distracted with Casey. While Sally searches the school, Jett’s ex-girlfriend Nina pipes up – she saw Jett and Pippa leave school together. Sally and John track the kids down, but tensions between Pippa and Sally are stretched to breaking. Pippa feels suffocated by her mother and angry at the lack of control she has over her own life.

Tuesday 22 October

Both still hurting from run-ins with their respective exes, Casey and Maddy are getting hot and heavy in Casey’s caravan. Maddy wants to have sex, but Casey realises he’d be using her if they went through with it. Hurt and humiliated by his rejection, Maddy bursts out of the caravan, her clothes askew and crying. Clocking her distress, Roo jumps to the worst conclusion and kicks Casey out of the caravan, believing he’s just taken advantage of Maddy. Maddy refuses to talk to Roo about what happened between her and Casey. Thinking the worst, Roo goes to Brax to complain Casey’s behaviour.

Brax give his little brother an earful, uninterested in Casey’s side of the story. An innocent Casey is stung that everyone thinks the worst of him. Ricky believes that Brax is judging Casey harshly, and that they should give him the benefit of the doubt. When Roo tells Maddy she’s ejected Casey from the caravan park for taking advantage of her, Maddy is dismayed. She was the one who wanted to initiate sex, but Casey rejected her. Realising they’ve judged too quickly, Roo and Brax apologise to Casey, but Casey is hurting too much to forgive them. Ricky tells Casey he needs to change people’s perspective of him if he wants them to trust him. And maybe he needs to change his opinion about himself, too. Casey goes to apologise to Maddy, who understands why he chose not to have sex with her – but she doesn’t think they can be friends any more.

Heath still has no idea how to come clean to Bianca about his infidelity. Brax and Ricky counsel him to be honest. Meanwhile, Bianca’s oblivious to Heath’s conflict and is planning her hens’ night at Angelo’s. Almost all the ladies of Summer Bay arrive for the hens’ and are having a great time, although Ricky is clearly out of her comfort zone in such a girly atmosphere. Bianca makes a speech about her unconventional relationship with Heath, reflecting that true love can be surprising.

The fact that Heath and Bianca found love against all odds makes the women reflect on their own relationships, especially a tipsy Marilyn who’s still giddy from John’s impromptu poetry recital. Kyle’s amused by the hens’ night shenanigans as he serves the girls. April clocks his connection with Tamara, realising she has finally made her choice. When Heath arrives at Angelo’s to tell Bianca the truth, Ricky waylays him. Now is not the time. Guilt-ridden, Heath knows he needs to tell Bianca as she gets home. But when she arrives home on a high after her big night, and professes her love for him, he just can’t do it. Heath tells Brax and Ricky they should forget Melbourne – he’s never telling Bianca he cheated on her.

Pippa calls a truce between her and Sally, and wants them to make the most of their time in Summer Bay. Bianca delivers the news that in lieu of wedding gifts she and Heath will be asking guests to donate to Sally and Pippa’s trip to America. She tells Sally about how the community helped Bianca and Heath when they lost Rocco to SIDS, and now she’d like to help Sally. Sally and Marilyn arrive home to see Pippa curled up on the couch with Alf. It’s a heartwarming sight, but it’s clear the night out was just what Sally needed.

Wednesday 23 October

It’s the day of their wedding, and Heath is adamant that Bianca will never know about his infidelity. She picks up that he’s apprehensive, and jokes that his mum Cheryl might ruin the day as Bianca’s stealing away her favourite son. Cheryl arrives with Darcy, with Cheryl ominously warning Heath not to stuff anything up.

Ricky’s conflicted about keeping Heath’s secret from Bianca, but Brax warns her not to ruin their wedding day by telling the truth. Heath’s struggling with nerves before the wedding. Keeping the truth from Bianca is getting to him, and crafty Cheryl figures out Heath is hiding something, but is distracted by Brax.

Mother Braxton is on the warpath since arriving for the wedding, bullying Kyle straight off the bat. She’s furious to discover that Tamara has left Casey for Kyle, with Tamara running afoul of her early on. Casey explains that it’s all OK, but Cheryl’s hearing none of it. When Casey sees Jett in turmoil he excuses himself from his mum, who’s proud of Casey for looking out for someone else. If Tamara can’t see that, she’s not worth having.

Roo’s super-stressed finishing the last minute details for the wedding, and Marilyn battles her hangover to do hair and make up for the girls. Roo asks Sally for help, and it seems the whole town is looking forward to the wedding… except for Zac. Leah encourages Zac to get past his feelings and go to the wedding. The day seems to be going so well, with even Cheryl allowing her hair and makeup to be done by Marilyn. Bianca is elated – Ricky can’t bring herself to tell Bianca about Heath’s infidelity.

Jett’s still pining over Nina, but now things are worse with Nina being jealous about him and Pippa. John encourages him to apologise to her. When Casey tracks down Jett he decides to help him win back Nina. He gets Jett to write down his feelings and enlists Kyle’s help in turning them into a song for Jett to perform. Nina is touched by the gesture, and she and Jett reconcile. It’s a healing moment for Casey and Kyle, who both enjoy helping Jett find love.

Right before the ceremony Darcy has a special surprise for Heath. Connie’s put his name on Darcy’s birth certificate. Heath is overwhelmed by the gesture, and feels like dirt – after what he’s done, does he deserve his beautiful daughter and wife? He’s further gutted by the sight of Bianca looking radiant. As she walks down the aisle he knows he needs to do the right thing and confesses his one night stand at the altar. Bianca, in shock and heartbroken, decks Heath, knocking him unconscious to the shock of their wedding guests. Unable to cope with Heath’s confession, Bianca flees.

Thursday 24 October

After fleeing the wedding, Bianca wants nothing more than to get out of her wedding dress and get her bags packed. Ricky does what she can to calm her. In the main house, Brax berates Heath, who is devastated, but felt he had no choice but to tell Bianca about the barmaid; he couldn’t start his marriage on a lie. Cheryl storms in gives Heath her two cents, telling him that he better have a long hard think about how he’s going to explain this to Darcy. Meanwhile, April supports Bianca, who is still frantically packing her things into a bag. Bianca finally breaks down, unable to comprehend how Heath could do this to her. Heath tells Darcy that he made a big mistake, and he hurt Bianca and she might not forgive him. Darcy is shattered and tells Heath that he whatever he did, has to fix it.

Heath tries to explain himself to Bianca; she postponed the wedding and he was jealous over Bianca and Zac. He didn’t know what to think. This excuse doesn’t cut if for Bianca, who walks out, resolute – it’s over. Heath’s world is falling apart. Ricky tries to get through to Heath, while he drowns his sorrows at Angelo’s, telling him that he mustn’t believe that he deserves happiness, because whenever something good comes along, he manages to stuff it up. He needs to turn this around, and if she and Brax can make it, then so can they. Brax admires Ricky, telling her he loves her more than ever.

Irene is lending Bianca her support at the diner, telling her that she is more than welcome to move back in to her house when Cheryl storms in, furious. Preparing for battle, Bianca is surprised and touched when Cheryl tells her that she was looking forward to having her as a daughter in law and she can’t believe that Heath is turning out like his father.

Dex has been offered a week long placement for the Flying Doctors, but he has to leave tomorrow and feels that with everything that has happened with Bianca, April will need him there for support. Indi thinks it would be great. He should do it, April will probably want to spend all her time with Bianca anyway. When he tells April, she is thrilled for him. The couple are in a good place. Meanwhile, Indi is feigning nonchalance about being ignored by Chris, telling Dex that yes, he bruised her ego, but she doesn’t actually like him. However, when Chris reveals that he’s been playing hard to get, Indi is quietly relieved, inviting him over for a dinner date. However, when Indi pulls the moves on Chris after dinner, he catches sight of her wedding ring and can’t get out of there fast enough. Feeling very shut down, Indi approaches Chris, who reveals that he has fallen hard for her, he doesn’t want a fling, he wants a relationship. It’s all or nothing.

Friday 25 October

Sally is feeling a little restless while Pippa is at the movies with Marilyn. Roo tries and help her to relax and enjoy herself. They stop off for a session at the gym to curb the guilt from the junk food fest Roo’s planned for later. Indi asks them for advice on what to do about Chris. Roo is encouraging and thinks that Indi is the best thing that’s ever happened to Chris. She later reveals to Sally that this isn’t just about getting a guy for Indi, it’s about whether to move on or not, explaining to her about Romeo’s cancer. This brings up memories of Flynn for Sally, and she offers her support to Indi, telling her that she’s been through the same thing and she’ll know when she’s ready to move on.
Sasha and Indi see Dex off as he leaves for his placement with the Flying Doctors. When Dex asks Indi if she’d like him to tell Sid about her thing with Chris, Sasha is mad, how could Indi not tell her? Sasha probes until Indi reveals that Chris gave her an ultimatum, all or nothing. Sasha can’t understand how Indi could even consider it. Spencer advises Chris not to ask for too much too soon.

However, when Chris tells Spencer that he’s willing to wait for as long as it takes, Spencer suggests that he find a place of his own as he will probably be waiting for a while. Sasha makes her feelings about Chris very clear when she and Spencer break into the school, needing to take care of something now that Bianca’s wedding was cancelled. However, they realise that Bianca’s office is locked.

Spencer calls Chris, knowing that he has picked a lock or two in his day. Chris finally gets the door open, to reveal a room full of balloons, ribbons “Just Married” signs and confetti. Chris and Sasha can’t stop bickering while they clean and Spencer is getting to the end of his tether, telling Sasha to give Chris a break, he knows she’s just trying to protect her sister, but Chris is his family, and he deserves the benefit of the doubt, too. Spencer wants to make sure that Chris’ intentions are genuine if he’s going to be defending him and is a little shocked when Chris completely opens up about his feelings, revealing that he isn’t the player he used to be. Chris meets Indi in the gym, downcast, assuming she isn’t interested, but can’t believe his ears when Indi says yes, it’s on!


John gloats to Harvey and Alf as he puts up posters for the bus tours, telling them that with Marilyn’s enthusiasm and his experience it’s sure to be a success. The three men clean out the Blaxland, preparing it for sale. Harvey asks John if they are hiring for the bus tours, he’d be more than interested now that he’s out of a job. John is honest, he is flat broke, it’ll be a while before even him and Marilyn can start taking a wage. Roo is supporting Harvey, who is worried about his financial situation, when Harvey gets a call from Winston; he’s coming to collect the boat himself.