Britney Spears: I wish I could use a whip like Indiana Jones

Singer admits she used a whip instructor for her latest video and finds it harder to be sexy on screen now she's a mum – in fact, she'd probably rather be shopping at 99 cent land these days

Britney Spears has revealed she had to learn to use a whip for the video to her latest single ‘Work B****’, so called upon (naturally) a whip instructor.


But when it comes to whip work, there’s only one with whom to compare – Harrison Ford’s Indiana Jones.

Yet Britney tells Alan Carr, “I’m not that good, I wish I was.”

Joining Carr on his Chatty Man show, Britney says, “We had a whip instructor come in and actually show me how to use it, and actually bring it around the back of my head and actually use it, and if you do it the wrong way you can actually hurt yourself and cut yourself with it because it’s really powerful. They’re really strong.”

Yet while Britney’s becoming a bit of a dab hand with a whip, she admits she doesn’t always feel comfortable doing the sexy stuff now that she’s a mum. 

“I know it’s a part of what I do, and kind of like my job to bring sensuality and feeling to the table when I do videos and stuff, but I do feel a little silly sometimes,” Britney explains.

In fact, ol’Brit quite enjoys a trip to the US pound shop-style store, the 99 cent shop, where she buys none other than tiny candles.

“It’s like, they’re so little, they’re really cool… you almost burn your finger,” Britney explains.

Of avoiding being recognised Britney says, “Usually I have glasses on and no one recognises me, I just go in and I’m really into what I’m doing, I get into it and it’s really fun.”

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