Talking to the Dead: Russell Tovey plays a proper copper – and does a Welsh accent

Watch a trailer for the new two-part crime drama from Sky Living, starring Sophie Rundle as a police officer with a deep empathy for the dead, and Tovey as her Detective Sergeant

We’ve had Waking the Dead, The Walking Dead and, er… Look Who’s Talking, so perhaps it was only a matter of time before we got Talking to the Dead.


The new crime drama in Sky Living’s Drama Matters strand follows wayward police officer DC Fiona Griffiths (Sophie Rundle), who secretly suffers from Cotard’s Syndrome, a mental illness which has left her with a deep and peculiar empathy for the dead. 

The two-part story, based on the novel of the same name by Harry Bingham, also stars Being Human and Him & Her’s Russell Tovey in a serious role as respected Detective Sergeant Huw Brydon – complete with a Welsh accent.

Watch the trailer below for a taster of Talking to the Dead, and Russell’s accent, ahead of the first episode tonight at 9pm on Sky Living.

Drama Matters: Talking to the Dead is at 9pm on Tuesday 15 and Thursday 17 October on Sky Living