Made in Chelsea series 6, ep 1: Spencer’s therapy, Phoebe’s stare, bad hair, bad names, bad chat-ups

Hurrah! Last night's episode was packed with amazing occurrences - here are our five favourites, and what Twitter thought of them

Made in Chelsea’s back and boiiii(!), we’ve missed it. The Sloaney platoon were out in force last night as they took to a country mansion (where else?) to party away their troubles (what troubles?).


While the cameras were roaming about (above and below the surface of the pool), the champagne, and tears, began to flow as the gang reunited after a summer of drama.

So what had occured? Well, Andy and Louise were (miraculously) still together, Lucy and Spencer were (still) not talking and Phoebe’s ex Alex and best friend Fran had been enjoying their own flirtathon. All nicely set up for 60-minutes of high class drama. Here are our five highlights from last night… 

1. “Hi, my name is Spencer and I am a sex addict”

Yes, Spenny’s in therapy. The resident bad boy claims to have seen the error of his womanising ways and is seeking professional help – filmed professional help, of course. The serial philanderer has turned over a new leaf – he’s being nice. Especially to his ex-girlfriend Louise who’s been having problems of her own with weepy-eyed BF Andy. No ulterior motive, you say Spencer? We’ll believe that when we see it. And it turns out his benevolence doesn’t extend to former fling Lucy who he soon reduces to tears. You know, we’ve actually started to feel sorry for Luce who obviously developed some semblance of feeling for the puggy one… Safe to say, Spencer’s back to his meddling best – although, judging by Twitter he was never fooling anyone… 

2. Bad hair days…

The MIC lads and lasses are known for their glamorous tresses, thanks to hours spent frequenting and filming in Chelsea hair salons. So why were there so many ill-judged barnets during last night’s episode?

First up we have the Proudlock Ponytale. Now, we witnessed this criminal coiffure in person earlier this month and it was every bit as bad as it looked on screen. Proudlock, dear Proudlock, we’ll all agree you’ve been blessed with good genes. Please halt this try-hard transformation into a Shoreditch hipster before it’s too late…

And Phoebe. Oh, Phoebe. What is that thing on your head? We thought you worked at Tatler? Surely you’re more style-savvy than this? Having said that, the cornrows don’t seem to have put Jamie off – although coming from someone who wears leopard print like a second skin, that doesn’t say much. Twitter was having none of it, giving both styles a thumbs down:

3. His name is Miffy. MIFFY

With cast members going by the names of Proudlock and Binky, a strange new moniker should come as no surprise, but the introduction of Miffy had Twitter all a-flutter. Was he the bunny rabbit we used to have on our school pencil cases? Err, no. Is that his real name? Nope. Dave Mifsud chooses to go by the name of Miffy. Only in Chelsea… But the MIC newcomer has already caused a storm overnight for posting – and then deleting – a homophobic message on Twitter. It seems Miffy ain’t as adorable as his namesake… 

4. The men crash and burrrrn

This was the look on Lucy’s face when new boy Freddie attempted to ask her out. The toe-curling encounter had us hiding behind our cushions as the plucky lad was shot down with a single Lucy Watson glare. Ouch. He soon learned you don’t just ask Lucy Watson out.

And then there was Francis. Dear Francis, who hasn’t had a sniff of a romantic liason since his ill-fated union with Sophia. Last night he tried his luck with ice queen Rosie – and, of course, he picked the moment he was trapped in the swimming pool, bereft of his swimming trunks, to ask her out on a date. A single sarky comment and she was off, stalking away from poor, floundering Francis. Girls 2 – Boys 0.  

5. The Phoebe-Lettice Thompson death stare

We wonder how many times Alex Mytton has been on the receiving end of that withering look? Hell hath no fury like a betrayed Phoebe-Lettice. Following a summer of flirting with her best friend Fran, Phoebe’s ex-boyf was looking a little sheepish all episode. So, when confronted by Lettice herself and asked whether he’d acted on his feelings for her BFF, Alex didn’t exactly do much to dispell the rumours. Many a Chelsea-ite has been faced with a Phoebe death stare – she’s even reduced Lucy to tears, although that is no feat nowadays – but last night’s glare weren’t pretty, and by the looks of next week’s preview, it’s only going to get worse for Fran an’ Al. At least Twitter was on their side…