Emmerdale spoilers: a villager is shot during the Woolpack siege – new images released

Cameron's actions result in bloodshed during tonight's extended episode

ITV has released fresh details of what viewers can expect from tonight’s one-hour special siege episode of Emmerdale.


Last night, fans saw killer Cameron Murray (Dominic Power) storm the Woolpack and send Marlon (Mark Charnock) tumbling into the cellar. As these dramatic new pictures illustrate, the pub’s chef remains slumped unconscious as the pooling rainwater steadily rises…

Over in the main bar area, an armed and dangerous Cameron wastes no time in asserting his authority by pushing Diane away and telling everyone to shut up so he can think. Pretty soon, he’s insisting to a petrified Debbie (Charley Webb) that they just need to be together.

Meanwhile, Zak (Steve Halliwell) is near breaking point and closes in on Cameron just as he starts to pull the trigger. Everyone’s terrified as a gunshot echoes around the village.


The hostages are shocked to realise that a much-loved member of the community has been shot and is seriously injured. Find out who when the episode airs this evening at 7pm on ITV.