Meet Made in Chelsea series 6 new recruits Sam and Sophie

Two new SW1 dwellers join the distinguished members-only club that

If you’ve been paying close attention to tonight’s Made in Chelsea series six premiere, you’ll have noticed two new fresh-faced individuals among the cast…


The first is Sam, whose participation in the show could be considered a birthright, as he is the younger brother of perpetually sobby cast member Louise Thompson. But don’t let his sister’s timid nature and tears (which could be the answer to worldwide droughts) affect your perceptions of this chap, who isn’t eager to please anyone. The young bachelor is not afraid to make his opinions known and loyally defends Louise, with whom he currently lives (in a modest little place I’m sure). 

Sam has been labeled a ladies’ man who doesn’t limit himself to the constraints of monogamy, a trait that is no doubt encouraged by an unlikely friendship with his sister’s ex Spencer Matthews.

The second newbie fits Made in Chelsea criteria to a T. She’s a socialite (of course), has her own fashion label, is the granddaughter of Mustang jeans founder Luise Hermann, and is already acquainted with a few members of the Chelsea circle.

Like all cast members, Sophie is not your average 20-something. She spends her time partying around the world and owns homes in Munich, Ibiza and London (among others). Despite this, Sophie also understands the burdens of responsibility, running her own fashion line and owning a cat that lives in Majorca whom she regularly flies out to see… as good pet owners do. Known for her wild-child tendencies we’re sure she’ll shake up the cast.

Find out tonight when the first episode of season six airs. 

Made in Chelsea airs tonight on E4 at 10pm