Made in Chelsea’s Lucy Watson: “People love me for being a bitch”

"They know that it’s not a malicious thing, it’s much more of a ‘speaks her mind’ thing"

As soon as Lucy Watson stepped in front of the Made in Chelsea cameras, she got up in our grill (her words, not ours…) But the Sloaney socialite has decided that fans have come to love her for her icy glares and no-nonsense one-liners…


“I think I’m still known as the bitch,” she told, “but I think people kind of love me for it, and they know that it’s not a malicious thing, it’s much more of a ‘speaks her mind’ thing.”

And while we’re on the subject of how great she is, here’s another dose of self-worthiness… “I like to think of myself as quite moral and I think that comes across now on screen, whereas it didn’t before. I think people took a while to get to know me and I was a bit misunderstood.

“I think people realised as well that everyone needs a Lucy Watson in their life,” added housemate Stevie, who is no doubt continuing to gleefully enjoy Miss Watson’s underwear parades. 

However, it turns out those adoring fans don’t populate the London Underground: “The tube isn’t my friend. I don’t like being trapped in small spaces when it might not be my biggest fan but no-one’s ever… well, I think people hide behind Twitter, and when it comes to it they can’t actually be as mean as they are behind their computer screens.”

It hasn’t been an easy ride for Lucy, who last series joined the endless list of ladies who Spencer Matthews has done the dirty on. She can also count Andy Jordan and Alex Mytton among her list of conquests, although it turns out she doesn’t enjoy the sight of herself smooching on-screen. “Watching myself kiss people is not fun – quite cringe, really.”

Series six of Made in Chelsea begins tonight at 10pm on E4