Coronation Street spoilers: Tina smashes Tracy’s shop window – Kate Ford interview

A row between Tina and Tracy will get increasingly hostile in next week's episodes

Tina (Michelle Keegan) and Tracy (Kate Ford) are to begin a nasty feud in next week’s episodes after a war of words at Barlow’s Buys gets out of hand.


The problems begin after a hard-up Dennis sells Rita’s engagement ring in Rob (Marc Baylis) and Tracy’s shop in a bid to pay his tax bill. Tina finds out about the transaction and tries to buy back the ring using the money from her surrogacy fee. The trouble is that Tracy now wants a considerable amount more than what Dennis sold it for.

A row between the two feisty females soon escalates, culminating in Tina making the rash move of smashing the shop window with a brick. So where will all this animosity lead? And who – if anyone – will be the victor? Kate Ford tells us what’s in store as the bitter rivalry intensifies:

Tracy has always been a bit of a bully, but she now has a new target. So why Tina?
They’ve never really seen eye to eye. Tracy is maybe a little bit jealous of Tina because she’s young and pretty and Tracy worries that maybe Rob might fancy her. Like Tracy, Tina’s also really mouthy and doesn’t back down if she’s got a bee in her bonnet. When it comes to pretty, feisty females Tracy can get quite rattled!

Do you think, at times, that she can see a little bit of herself in Tina?
No, she just gets frustrated because Tina’s a fair bit younger than she is and Tracy probably doesn’t feel as attractive as she once did. Let’s face it, Tracy can’t stand Tina and Tina isn’t exactly being nice to Tracy either. They both give back as good as they get. Tina keeps turning up at the shop to stir things up and that’s really winding Tracy up.

Tracy’s made her thoughts on Tina’s surrogacy known and she isn’t letting it drop. Why does she pick on Tina’s weaknesses?
Tracy will go for the Achilles heel of anybody, certainly if she doesn’t like them. She knows that by bringing the surrogacy up she will really hurt Tina. Tracy’s a hypocrite though because she sold her baby to the Croppers! But then she feels morally superior because she got her child back in the end. Tracy can justify anything in her own mind. She killed someone and she still managed to get round it in her own head.

Tracy has a job and a new man so she should be happy, but she still seems intent on surrounding herself with drama…
Tracy is the happiest she’s been in a long while, but without drama Tracy gets really bored. However, I do think that she’d like to make more decisions in the business, but Rob’s really taken over all of that and that’s annoyed her. But she wants everyone to think she’s really made it! Tracy is doing quite well for herself; preying on vulnerable people really doesn’t bother her at all.

Will it be possible for Rob to soften Tracy and make her a nicer character?
I don’t know what it is Tracy is really looking for. If she had more money and freedom she would be a happier person – it’s when she feels trapped that she starts to lash out at people. She also hates the fact that people judge her and think of her as being a bit of a loser, so maybe if she was more successful she’d be less angry.

All she’s ever wanted is for people to think she’s done well for herself. Tracy would quite like to escape where she lives too, but she can’t afford to.

How does she feel when Dennis comes in to sell Rita’s engagement ring?
She gets really excited when she sees the ring because it’s obviously a decent piece of jewellery. Tracy thinks she might be able to get a really good price for it. She doesn’t manage to sell it but she puts a heavy mark-up on it. When Dennis comes to buy it back he’s forced to pay a fair whack.

Does she know that it’s Rita’s engagement ring?
She knows because Tina comes into the shop and is really pushing for Dennis to buy the ring back for Rita. Tracy then slyly tells Rita all about it in the pub.

I don’t think Tracy would have ever actually told Rita about the ring if Tina hadn’t provoked her. She doesn’t regret it though, although she does realise how much this irritates Rob. Tracy doesn’t care about other people’s feelings – there’s no neighbourly loyalty there!

What does Rob make of Tracy’s feisty ways?
Well, that’s certainly what first attracted him to her but now she’s threatening their business with her nasty side. By telling people in the pub about Dennis selling Rita’s ring she’s broken confidentiality, so Rob starts to panic that people will lose trust in them before they’ve really started. I think he’s starting to get irritated by her and by the fact that she doesn’t seem to know where the line is.

Have they met their match in each other?
No, I think they bring out the best in each other! She has a much softer relationship with Rob than she ever had with Charlie, who used to make her jealous all the time and put her down. Rob makes her feel good and tells Tracy what he loves about her, whereas Charlie used to draw on what was wrong with her! This is the happiest she’s ever been in a relationship.

Tina doesn’t run from trouble. Does Tracy think she needs to raise the bar?
Tracy is shocked when Tina throws a brick through the window of Barlow’s Buys. I don’t think even Tracy would do that! To smash the window and not care who knows it is quite brazen.

But Tracy manages to turn it into a positive – she decides to smash up even more of the shop so she can claim more on the insurance. Tracy just wants to come out smelling of roses.

Do you enjoy Tracy being back to her nasty self?
I like it when she has a reason to be nasty – when her intentions are initially good but things go wrong for her. Sometimes she does go into things without an ulterior motive but people expect the worst from her. Her reputation means nobody gives her a chance anymore.

And how bad will it get between Tracy and Tina?
There’s more to come I think. They continue to bicker and snipe, but we’ll see what happens there!


Finally, how does Tracy feel about Steve buying the pub for Michelle?
Tracy is so jealous about that. She can’t bare it. This will make Michelle more successful than she is which she can’t stand. When Liz comes back Tracy loves it, because she hopes this will mean Michelle will be pushed out. Tracy already has a chip on her shoulder about Michelle, even when Michelle was working in the factory. Plus Tracy will always love Steve. Although she’s getting attention elsewhere, she’ll always have a soft spot for him.