X Factor 80s night in sixty seconds: flash voting swings into action

Final twelve perform live for the first time and face first public vote


It was leg warmers at the ready as X Factor live shows burst onto our screens with 80s night.


For most acts, as Gary Barlow joked, it was like they were performing songs from an era they considered to be a period drama.

Little Nicholas McDonald hadn’t even heard of Spandau Ballet and Tamera Foster just knew it as the era of neon and tutus. 

Not that it made us feel old or anything as we listed off at least thirty songs we were hoping to hear…

But it was the new flash vote that took centre stage (we’re going to have to get used to hearing a blast of “flash…aahhhh” every time Dermot O’Leary says it it seems).

So after being caught up in the X Factor bubble, acts faced their first judging by the public and it was Sharon Osbourne’s ‘Diva from Devon’ Shelley Smith who found herself sent straight into tonight’s sing off and at risk of being sent home. 

Although, judging by Twitter it seems a fair amount of people rather wished they could just vote for Dermot’s nether regions…


X Factor continues with the results tonight at 8:00pm on ITV