Steven Moffat: Peter Capaldi is out shopping for his Doctor Who outfit right now

“He’s got very strong opinions about clothes,” says the showrunner about the new Doctor

Doctor Who fans dying to know what comes next after Matt Smith and his bow tie, may be interested to hear that his successor Peter Capaldi is out looking at potential outfits for the 12th Doctor as we speak. 


Asked earlier today when Capaldi would be heading to the shops, Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat revealed “I think actually right now – I think literally right now.

“He was texting me ‘I’m out with [the wardrobe stylist] at the moment, it’s going quite well’ and some descriptions of clothes I did not understand. If it’s not a suit…”

Moffat explained he would be taking a hands-off approach to tracking down the appropriate costume for his new leading man after failing to spot the potential of a bow tie for Matt Smith’s 11th Doctor.

“I’ll just let them get on with it and it’ll be ‘yes’ or ‘no’ a the end,” said Moffat.

“Matt said ‘I should be a boffin, I think I need to go with the bow tie’ and I said ‘No, absolutely not, you’re not wearing a bow tie – that’s a cartoon idea of what Doctor Who is… Oh, you are going to wear a bow tie – you look incredible in it.

“And from that moment on he suddenly came to life, and he put the tweed jacket on and suddenly he’s leaping round the room with a biro pen and that was it – he was the Doctor.”

Is it possible Capaldi will have as much influence on the 12th Doctor’s attire? “He likes his clothes,” said Moffat, “he’s got very strong opinions about clothes, he’s very dashing.”

Capaldi is due to make his first appearance as the Doctor at the end of this year’s Christmas Special, when Matt Smith regenerates.

Steven Moffat was speaking at a Radio Times-sponsored event at the Cheltenham Literature Festival