Emmerdale: who will be shot during the hostage crisis at the Woolpack?

Vote on who you think is in the firing line as Cameron returns to the village


Twelve hostages. One crazed gunman. But who is going to be taking a bullet?


We know that by the end of Wednesday, one Woolpack regular will have been shot after killer Cameron Murray (Dominic Power) holds everyone captive. But who do you think is going to be fighting for their life?


Below is an alphabetical list of all those on the premises at the time of Cameron’s reappearance, so now’s the time to make your prediction. Will Cam get his revenge on former love Chas? Is Zak to be left staring down the barrel of a gun? Can David make it through to his wedding day? Or will Debbie be the one to be seriously injured? It’s over to you: