BBC reporter Nick Robinson: “The policemen outside Downing Street swap shifts to get on the telly”

The BBC's political editor has breaking news from outside Number 10...


If you’ve ever wondered why the policemen seen standing outside the Prime Minister’s Downing Street residence during news reports are really there, it appears you now have your answer. 


The BBC’s political editor Nick Robinson, regular seen reporting from in front of Number 10, has revealed that the officers in question may have ulterior motives.

“The policeman there deliberately change shifts in order to get on the telly,” Robinson told an audience at the Cheltenham Literature Festival.

“You just think ‘Why are they always walking behind me?’ And then one of them said ‘We do it to get on the telly!’”

If you think the idea of a bobby shifting around in the background of a news report trying to get on TV sounds a bit like a Morecambe and Wise sketch, you may not be far off.

“We were there once when the Prime Minister was greeting a head of state at the door by the red carpet,” said Robinson, “and the policeman who was standing guard had forgotten to turn down the volume on his walkie-talkie and it went ‘You’re on the telly now Eric!’”

Nick Robinson was promoting his new book Live from Downing Street