Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

14-18 October: the truth about Robbo's death shocks everyone, while Amber and Josh defy their parents


Monday 14 October


After learning Terese reported Marty Kranic’s hotel stay to the police, Paul goes into damage control. Afraid he will be implicated in the hit-and-run by association, Paul pays Marty to leave town. Meanwhile, Jack Lassiter returns to the hotel after his health scare, but when he is unable to settle his previous room account, Paul discovers he has blown his vast fortune with his legacy spending. Paul feels betrayed and disappointed, and the two have a falling out, despite the revelation Jack is dying. Jack makes a final bid to impress on Paul the lesson he has learned – to value human connection over material wealth – but is he too late?

Callum and Bailey embark on the third treasure hunt. They invite Josie to join them, but she makes an awkward excuse, confirming Callum’s theory that, for some reason, she is avoiding him. Bailey confronts Josie and discovers her feelings for Callum run deeper than friendship. Bailey accidentally gives Josie the impression Callum feels the same way and then races to warn him about his blunder. Meanwhile, Callum and Josie run into each other at the radio station, and Callum confides in Josie about the tension he’s dealing with at home due to Toadie’s involvement in the hit-and-run investigation. Following their heart-to-heart, Josie works up the courage to kiss Callum, setting herself up for heartbreak.

With Toadie preoccupied by the unresolved hit-and-run investigation and an uncertain future, Sonya tries to cheer him up. She ropes him into the treasure hunt and organises an impromptu engagement party for Lucas and Vanessa. But Toadie is too worried to join in the fun, and Sonya’s efforts to distract him only add to his stress. At the party, Toadie learns the police have identified Marty Kranic – thanks to Terese – and will soon apprehend him. Toadie is able to relax and dares to hope that his nightmare is finally over. But he doesn’t realise Marty has turned himself in to the police and is making a confession of his own.

Tuesday 15 October

Lucas, Vanessa, Toadie and Sonya are relieved and happy that Marty has finally been identified in relation to the hit-and-run that killed Robbo. They’re hopeful that he will be able to clear Toadie’s name. However, the opposite proves to be true, when Ellen takes Toadie in for questioning. He is later arrested and charged, sending shockwaves through Erinsborough, and causing Sonya to worry that Toadie, unable to recall what really happened, will start to believe that he truly is guilty.

Callum is down about ruining things with Josie. After Bailey urges Josie to give him another chance and be friends, she relents and they make up. When Ellen arrives to take Toadie away for questioning, she reveals she is also Josie’s mum. Callum sees red, thinking Josie must have been a spy for her mum all along, and rueing the fact he confided in Josie about his father’s fears about hitting Robbo in the car. When Toadie, out on bail, sets him straight, Callum feels bad and tries to patch things up with Josie, hoping they can still be friends. Josie, however, thinks it’s too hard, not least of all because of her feelings for him – she will always want to be more than just friends.

It’s Vanessa and Lucas’s big day, and at Toadie and Sonya’s insistence, they go through with it despite Toadie’s arrest, and the original venue being rained out. Meanwhile, at Matt’s behest – not believing Toadie could be the killer – Matt and Ellen go over the list of suspects, putting everyone in the frame for different reasons. Until new evidence sends them to the wedding to arrest the true culprit…

Wednesday 16 October

As all the suspects of the hit-and-run gather for Lucas and Vanessa’s wedding, a picture of what happened that night is gradually revealed in flashback from each point of view.

Amber and Imogen return to the Willis house, having caught the bus home from the ‘Dads of Erinsborough’ exhibition. Amber has secretly pocketed Imogen’s car keys. Meanwhile, an unsteady Toadie discovers a threatening text sent to Sonya’s phone, from Robbo. Feeling the effects of the drink Robbo spiked, Toadie heads off on foot to confront him. At the radio station, Lucas exits the card game after losing even more money. He learns from Marty that Robbo has been using marked cards. As the pair go their separate ways, Mason slips inside the station and begins a search for Robbo’s laptop. At the same time, Josh and Chris meet Robbo at the Men’s Shed and hand over $8000K. Robbo puts on a show of deleting Amber’s file, but the boys aren’t convinced. Later, they meet Mason and Hudson for a debrief – all agreeing the problem is far from over.

Amber steals Imogen’s car from the garage, just missing a devastated Lucas, who has come to crash for the night. Meanwhile, as they cross paths on a stretch of road, Josh demands the phone from Robbo. Soon after, a befuddled Toadie and Robbo happen upon each other. Robbo realises that Toadie must’ve downed Sonya’s drink by accident. As Toadie moves off, he crosses with Marty, who notes his strange demeanour. Marty then confronts Robbo – and we see he means business. Later, Marty finds Lucas at the garage and hands over the money he lost – plus more. Lucas is stunned. Back at the Willis house, Imogen completes a food binge and discovers her car keys are gone. Suspecting Amber, she heads out into the night to find her.

Driving around Erinsborough, Amber passes Hudson – but doesn’t recognise him. Soon after, she sees Robbo walking along the road. She pulls over and confronts him about what he did. Robbo agrees to delete the file once and for all – on the condition that Amber spends one last night with him. Amber’s repulsed and walks off in the opposite direction, but soon after she has second thoughts – maybe she has no choice but to meet him? Hating herself, she makes her way to the radio station and waits for Robbo. Some time later, Imogen – searching for Amber – sees a body lying motionless by the road. It’s Robbo. She dials 000, giving his location but not her identity.

Back in the present day, we pick up Matt – and a devastated Chris – at the police station. The culprit emerges from the interview room, having given a full confession, and in one final flashback, we see the last piece of the puzzle…

Thursday 17 October

Brad confesses to his role in helping the police discover the identity of was the hit-and-run driver. He feels torn about having had to turn someone in, but Terese is more concerned by how secretive and dishonest the kids have been. The Turners agree they need to be punished, and all the kids are grounded for the school holidays. Meanwhile, Matt remains awkward around Amber and disappointed in Mason once again. And that disappointment only grows when Matt learns that, during the Robbo mess, Mason turned to Paul for help instead of him.

Josh and Amber support each other through their remorse in the aftermath of the Robbo mystery being solved. But Amber feels the need to come clean, and confesses she was about to do a deal with Robbo—spend one more night with him in exchange for the tape he had of her. Josh is rattled, but before they can resolve their issues they’re summonsed home by their parents and told they’re grounded and banned from seeing each other.

Friday 18 October

Matt is in turmoil after learning Mason went to Paul for help during the Robbo saga. Lou realises what’s going on and attempts to get through to both Turner men. But Matt’s sick of his kids being distant from him, and Mason’s had enough of his dad making him feel like a screw-up. Each of them refuses to reach out to the other, leaving Lauren and Lou fearing their family is just as torn apart as they were back in Mount Isa.

Meanwhile, Amber and Josh go behind their parents’ backs to spend time together despite being banned from doing so. When Susan’s forced to raise the issue, the Turners are stunned as Matt washes his hands of his kids, adamant that, since they never listen to him anyway, they can make their own decisions from now on. Susan breaks the news to Josh’s parents, along with another bombshell: Josh is in very real danger of failing the year.

Battling to juggle both her nursing and her new singing career, Georgia makes plans to squeeze some time with Kyle into the very narrow gap she will have in her day — at the end of her night shift. But she’s so exhausted, sympathetic Kyle sends her home to rest. Georgia appreciates his support, but it’s becoming clear this shortfall in her work-life balance is unmanageable. She can’t go on like this.

Eager to lift his friend’s spirits after a difficult few weeks, Bailey gets Callum to try again to solve the final treasure hunt riddle. After sneakily getting some information out of sleepy Georgia, the boys narrow down the location of the treasure and prepare to make a killing. But when faced with a kind stranger who’s far more deserving of the reward, will they be able to go through with it?


Sheila’s dismayed to find Chop and Lennie have broken into her backyard and destroyed her beloved veggie patch and gnomes. She confronts Karl, insisting he pay up and move his animals out, else she’s calling the council. Attached to his pets, Karl refuses and they end in a stand-off.