Karen Gillan on shaving her head, deep fried pizza and faking her own death

Would you wear a wig made out of your own hair? This former Doctor Who companion confesses all to RadioTimes.com


There’s a fair chance Karen Gillan was grown in a lab by Alex Salmond. The former Doctor Who companion got a chance to return home for her latest film, Not Another Happy Ending, filmed in Glasgow.


“It was SO good working in the home country, the mother land! I don’t get back as much as I want, so this was perfect for me. I got to spend three weeks in Glasgow, which I didn’t know that well even though my mum is from Easterhouse.”

Is there anything she misses about home?

“I miss Scotland, yeah, of course. I miss everything being fried. Most of all I miss deep fried pizza. I don’t know why they don’t fry pizza anywhere else. It’s perfect.”

That’s enough cholesterol to give a Time Lord a double cardiac arrest. Equally heart-breaking was Karen shaving her head to play the bald villain Nebula in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy. Has she betrayed red heads everywhere, including this journalist?

“I didn’t look at it like that, I just think it’s hilarious. The whole thing is jokes. I’m still ginge at heart.”

Would she like to borrow my hair?

“That would be great, could you cut it off and paste it to my head?

Yes. Yes I would.

“I actually have my own hair in a wig that Marvel made for me. They took each strand of my hair that they shaved off and put it into a wig. That’s creepy, wearing your own hair.”


Not Another Happy Ending is released in cinemas today