Doctor Who missing episodes retro poster designs

Download posters for The Web of Fear and The Enemy of the World as imagined by Radio Times designer Stuart Manning

After 45 years, Doctor Who fans are at last able to enjoy the lost Patrick Troughton classics The Enemy of the World and The Web of Fear, which have just been released via iTunes. To celebrate, Radio Times designer Stuart Manning has created two retro-style posters to accompany the stories.


“I really wanted to celebrate the excitement and energy of these serials,” says Stuart. “The show’s fifth series really set the template for Doctor Who as we now know it – a brilliant, quicksilver Doctor, gleeful flights of fancy, weird and wonderful monsters and a very distinct yet persuasive sense of the uncanny.

“For The Enemy of the World, I hit on a 1960s thriller-style approach, echoing the story’s James Bond-style excesses, while The Web of Fear suggested a more lurid, pulpy pastiche, in keeping with the serial’s spooky invasion story, which saw incongruous hordes of Yeti rampaging through the London Underground.

“It’s amazing to finally have the chance to see these long-lost episodes and I hope people will get a kick out of seeing the stories interpreted with some period charm.”

To download the posters in high resolution, click on the images left and right.