Doctor Who: newly found classic episodes to launch on Thursday says Patrick Troughton companion

Deborah Watling's website claims she and fellow second-Doctor companion Frazer Hines will help the BBC make the announcement at a screening tomorrow

On Sunday, revealed that a cache of newly discovered classic Doctor Who episodes had been acquired by the BBC and was set to be announced this week.


Details of exactly when and how the BBC is intending to share the finds have been in a state of flux but we now have the strongest public indication yet that the official news will come this week.

Deborah Watling, who played Patrick Troughton companion Victoria Waterfield, has revealed in a post on her official website that she and fellow second-Doctor sidekick Frazer Hines are to help make the announcement at a BBC event this Thursday, 10 October.

“Deborah, along with Frazer Hines, will be helping the BBC to launch the newly found Dr.Who episodes this Thurs (10/10/13), betwwen 3.30pm and 7.00pm approx (sic)” reads the post.

The use of the word “launch” could be significant, with the BBC expected to make at least some of the recovered episodes available digitally via online services such as iTunes (although any official public announcement would be unlikely to come until the following day at the earliest).

Exactly how many episodes have been acquired by the BBC remains unclear but reports suggest one recent find could include more than 100, dating from the 1960s.

The presence of Watling, who served alongside Troughton in 1967 and 1968, and Hines, who played the second Doctor’s companion Jamie McCrimmon in 116 episodes between 1966 and 1969, supports’s information that at least some of the episodes are from the Troughton era.

The news will delight Doctor Who fans, who have been awaiting such an announcement on the back of long-circulating rumours and will see it as a fitting way to celebrate the show’s 50th anniversary year.

A BBC spokesperson declined to comment on the news.

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