Bridget Jones star Colin Firth spotted shooting The Secret Service in London

The actor formerly known as Mark Darcy was seen filming the all-star comic book remake in the capital this weekend

When Helen Fielding announced the sad news of Mark Darcy’s passing, a few Bridget Jones fans seemed to confuse the character with the actor who played him. But never fear ladies, Colin Firth is alive and well and busy filming another dashing role, this time as a 007-style former secret agent.


Firth appeared on the streets of London looking dapper for comic book movie The Secret Service.

The Oscar-winning British actor is starring alongside Samuel L Jackson (Pulp Fiction) and Michael Caine (Get Carter, Batman Begins). Meanwhile, director Matthew Vaughn (Kick Ass, X-Men: First Class) has confirmed newcomers to the cast list as well: Sophie Cookson (Moonfleet) has the female lead, while emerging actor Taron Egerton (Inspector Lewis) has snapped up one of the other lead roles.

It’s rumoured that A-listers such as Taylor Swift, Elton John and David Beckham may also join the cast.

Vaughn and Jane Goldman based the screenplay on Matt Millar and Dave Gibbons’ comic book of the same name, which Millar described as “James Bond meets My Fair Lady”.

“We’ve both got a couple of friends in special forces, both here and in the UK,” said Millar. “And even the real life training, without any artistic licence, is really incredible set-piece stuff. If you ramp it up a little, it makes for some incredible scenes in a comic and in a movie”.

The film will tell the story of an ex-MI6 agent (Firth) who recruits his nephew (Egerton) to spy school in order to get him off the streets. Jackson is the villain of the story with Caine playing the head of the British spy agency.

The Secret Service is set for release in November 2014.

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