Homeland: The many miserable faces of Dana

What does a suicidal daughter of a suspected terrorist have to worry about, eh?


Homeland’s Dana was back at her sour-faced best last night as series 3 launched on Channel 4. Only a possible new boyfriend and a laugh at her joke (about someone jumping off the building) seemed to raise a smile. 


Indeed, if there was an award for the best moody face… 

Oh yeah, Dana’s such a pro she can be moody AND run

Smile for the camera? Pah.

Yep, she can keep this up all day.

Not even being home can raise a smile.


Still got the grump factor

Even a saucy text message couldn’t raise a smile for long.

What is it our parents are always saying about the wind changing? 

Maybe we should all join in.

Dana would like that. Not that you’d tell.

Really she should just take Saul’s advice… 

Homeland continues next Sunday at 9:00pm, Channel 4