Where is Homeland filmed?

We map out the exact North Carolina filming locations from the hit Showtime series, where Brody and Carrie get together, terrorists plotted to bring down the USA, and the CIA has secret meetings around town...

Homeland is back this weekend with season three (9pm, 6 October, Channel 4). We cannot wait for the next bout of fast paced, high-energy, cliff-hanging drama. Anti-heroes Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) and Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis) will return for more is he/isn’t he? terrorist plotlines. In anticipation, we’ve tracked down some of the all American locations to recap those tense storylines; from where Brody picked up his vest bomb – which he wore in his attempt to blow up the vice president – to Carrie’s apartment, where she makes her connections between suspects by analysing a photo wall. Plus, of course, the cabin near the lake where the pair get raunchy and change their relationship forever.


Here’s exactly where to follow in the footsteps of the characters…

Brody’s House, Charlotte

The famous house that Brody returns to after being held captive in the Middle East recently sold for £243,000, to someone who’s never seen Homeland before. While it maybe a good investment, let’s hope they don’t mind all the fans standing outside taking pictures. Apparently, not much filming goes on here anymore, as execs have recreated the interior in a studio. Find it at: 3319 Knob Hill Ct

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Carrie’s Apartment, Charlotte

This is where the bipolar agent spends all night staring at her wall of suspects, desperate to get a lead on the terrorist investigation. She shares pizza with Saul, almost kills herself in this very spot, and she has visits from Brody here too. Find it at: 510 N. Poplar St

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Cabin on the lake, Mooresville

In the first series, Carrie and Brody come here to get away from the madness of the city. It’s also where a raunchy love scene takes place and Carrie and Brody talk about their ‘future’. “My only real plan now is to be a good person again,” Brody says. “I have a second chance I never thought possible. And I have you – at least at this moment.” As Carrie goes to get breakfast, Brody heads down to the pretty lakeside and we see him bow and pray. Little does he know that agent Quinn is lurking in the bushes with a rifle pointing at his head, finger on trigger… Find it at: 2462 Brawley School Rd

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Heritage Diner and tailor/bomb maker, Mooresville

Brody leaves his family in this cafe to collect a bomb. He pretends that he has to go and buy a toothbrush, but instead walks down the road to a tailor, where he collects his suicide vest. The bomb maker says:  “Some people get nervous. You don’t want your hand on the switch until the very end.” Find the diner at 183 N Main St, Mooresville NC and the tailor at 222 N Main St

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Cutter’s Cigar Bar, Charlotte

In season two, Carrie comes to meet Brody (Damian Lewis) for a drink at this dark mahogany cigar bar. It is right then that she realises that Brody may be hiding something. This is a pivotal moment in the series, as Carrie believes he is working as a terrorist and confronts him in a hotel room upstairs – putting the entire operation at risk. The bar is a great spot for a whisky, and if you ask the barman nicely he’ll tell you exactly where the stars sat to shoot the scene. Find it at: 100 West Trade Street

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The Diamond, Charlotte

Carrie meets with special agent Hall here in season one, after the mosque shootings. There’s a jostle for power and Hall patronisingly asks, “Have you ever been in a fire fight?” Carrie replies with a self-assured “Yes!” Try and find the exact booth they sit in and order some local pig wings dipped in cinnamon chipotle sauce. Find it at: 1901 Commonwealth Avenue

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The Duke Mansion, Charlotte

In season two, we’re shown this historic retreat when Brody visits Vice President William Walden’s house. It’s also where Waldon’s son Finn lives and has to deal with killing a man with his flash car. It’s possible to visit the property and even book a luxurious stay here for the night. Find it at: 400 Hermitage Road

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