Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi will bring gentleness and Malcolm Tucker’s power says Armando Iannucci

The Thick of It creator tells us why his former star will make a brilliant Doctor - and reveals that he was scared of losing him to the role when David Tennant stepped down

Thick of It creator Armando Iannucci says Peter Capaldi will make an excellent Doctor – but has admitted he was scared of losing him to the role much earlier, when David Tennant stood down.


“I was very pleased [when he got the part],” said Iannucci, who cast Capaldi in the role of the Thick of It’s bullying and foul-mouthed spin doctor Malcolm Tucker. “But there was a time when David Tennant stood down and I knew [Peter] would be really good.

“I was slightly nervous when I thought he might get it and we were still making The Thick of It,'” Iannucci told

“So when it did [finally] happen I was I was pleasantly surprised but it wasn’t a huge surprise because he would be tremendous.”

Iannucci said that he expected Capaldi to excel in the role of the Time Lord due to the broad emotional range he could bring to the part.

“The thing about Peter as Malcolm is he is very angry, and we have seen that powerful side to him, but he is actually a very gentle, funny guy.

“But as the Doctor what will he be like? I imagine you will see that range of him going from being gentle to quite a strong and powerful personality and I am really looking forward to it.”

Iannucci was speaking at the launch of the second series of his HBO political satire Veep, which returns to Sky Atlantic on 16 October.

In the new series, Julia Louis-Dreyfus returns in the lead role but has found her feet as US Vice-President and is given more responsibility – though obviously with the usually disastrous results.

The new season, which aired back in April in the US, will see two new employees taking office: senior strategist Kent Davison and Chief of Staff Ben Cafferty, played by Gary Cole and Kevin Dunn respectively.

Also enjoying a cameo in Veep series three is British actress Sally Phillips who will play the Prime Minister of Finland.