Abandoned puppies named after Downton Abbey characters

Cute baby animals meet the likes of Carson and Cora? It's a match made in heaven...


Downton Abbey + abandoned puppies. You couldn’t help clicking on that now, could you? 


Nine lurcher pups, who were found crying (yes, crying) in a cardboard box in Southampton, have been rescued by the Blue Cross. And the furry brothers and sisters are clearly aiming high when it comes to their next home…

The abandoned puppies have been named after Downton Abbey characters in an attempt to encourage people to adopt them. Think Cora, Carson, Edith and Daisy. Cute, right? 

“Everyone seems to be talking about the new series,” said Laura Boyle from the Blue Cross. “We hope they will be just as popular with potential new families when they go up for rehoming.” 

Despite their sad start in life, the bouncy pups are now in good health. Whose manor they’ll end up being little lords and ladies of remains to be seen…