The Great British Bake Off week seven… in quotes

Ginger dicks, massive horns, edible nuns and a slap for Ruby - that Bake Off is full of tasty one-liners

Sue on Christine’s twist on a spotted dick: “It’s just a ginger dick.”


Sue on the technical challenge: “I’ve never eaten a nun before.”

Kimberley on choux pastry (smugly): “It’s really not very complicated. I think people are scared of it more than they need to be because it’s actually very simple.” 

Sue on the showstopper: “Think palmier, think lattice, think pin-wheel. But mainly, think massive horn.”

Glenn on puff pastry: “Frankly anyone who has a life or a job… or friends doesn’t do this often.”

Mel to Ruby: “Do I need to slap you?”

 Glenn: “They are shocking… [but] they should be enough to keep me in.”

Paul to Glenn: “They look hideous. They are a mess… Hugely disappointed.” 

Paul Hollywood: “If someone does fall off a cliff then unfortunately they’ve got to go.”

Wise words there, Paul. 

The Great British Bake Off continues on Tuesdays at 8:00pm on BBC2