Why Simon Pegg should have been cast in Breaking Bad

A visionary photo from ten years ago shows the actor in a very familiar lab suit get up


Simon Pegg must be kicking himself – look how close he was to coming up with the idea for Breaking Bad with this snap of him and his cousin in lab suits.


Pegg tweeted: 

OK, not exactly the idea for Breaking Bad – Pegg hasn’t gone and pulled out a document dated 2003 in which he detailed the intricate plans for a show that follows a chemistry teacher who goes into the meth business.

But there’s an uncanny similarity between Pegg’s snap of him and his cousin about to tackle the task of clearing out his shed, and Walter White and his buddy Jesse Pinkman on a meth-making break.

And, sure, they might have swapped beer for what appears to be a gun (goodness knows what was in Pegg’s shed), and yellow for white… but you get the idea. 

Pegg for a cameo?! Oh, wait… 

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