The Simpsons: Edna Krabappel is the bookies’ favourite to be killed off

Bart's long-suffering teacher is most likely to bite the dust at 5/1, ahead of Side Show Bob and Comic Book Guy

Did you hear? The Simpsons bosses are planning to bring the axe down on one of their major Emmy Award-winning characters. But who is it going to be?


Unfortunately for fans, a hoard of characters have taken home the coveted silverware over the last 24 seasons so any number of favourites are eligible for the chop. But according to bookies William Hill, teacher Edna Krabappel is favourite to bite the dust at odds of 5/1.

Bart’s long-suffering teacher, voiced by Marcia Wallace, has had past relationships with Principal Skinner and Moe Szyslak but is currently married to Ned Flanders. If she’s killed off it will be the second time poor Ned has been widowed after his first wife, Maude, was knocked off a grandstand back in 2000. 

But while Edna is the favourite, the futures of Sideshow Bob and Comic Book Guy also look uncertain with odds at 6/1, while elderly Grampa Simpson is 7/1 and Snake 8/1. You can even bet on the improbable demise of Marge and Lisa at 40/1, while Homer and Bart are both at 50/1. 

“It is a long time since a Simpsons death and this is going to be a big deal,” said William Hill spokesman Joe Crilly. “Having had to put up with Bart’s antics over the years and dating Principal Skinner, her misery looks set to be compounded by croaking this series.”

Take a look at the full list of odds below…

5/1 Edna Krabappel; 6/1 Sideshow Bob; 6/1 Comic Book Guy; 7/1 Abe Simpson; 8/1 Snake; 9/1 Apu Nahasapeemapetilon; 10/1 Krusty the Clown; 12/1 Moe Szyslak; 12/1 Police Chief Wiggum; 14/1 Principal Skinner; 14/1 Hans Moleman; 16/1 Nelson Muntz; 16/1 Fat Tony; 20/1 Ned Flanders; 20/1 Mayor Quimby; 20/1 Lenny; 20/1 Karl; 25/1 Barney Gumble; 33/1 Patty; 33/1 Selma; 40/1 Marge; 40/1 Lisa; 50/1 Bart; 50/1 Homer