The Great British Year in pictures

From 100,000 Arctic knots in the Wash Estuary to snowdrop petals opening to a classical crescendo – new BBC time-lapse footage is set to guide us through our nation’s natural year as we’ve never seen it before

Propelling the viewer through autumn, summer, spring and winter via remarkable timelapse footage of migrations, flowers blooming and adders basking in the midday sun, The Great British Year (9pm, 2 October, BBC1) accounts our nation’s seasons in incredible detail.


Produced by award winning-natural historian James Brickell, the four-part show will investigate why Britain’s climate is so unique, using fascinating new filming methods, resulting in footage that wouldn’t be possible with regular technology.

“This is a wildlife series filmed in a new way…” explained Brickell, “with help from an army of time-lapse specialists dotted around the country, who were able capture spectacular footage as our country transformed from day to day and season to season.

Brickell believes that social media had a key part to play in making this mini-series.

“Using social media to keep in touch with the wildlife-loving British public meant we could be on hand to capture key wildlife moments in the year, and film in a way that just would not have been possible a few years ago.”

See below for stunning stills from the new show:



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