Simon Pegg completes filming for Kill Me Three Times in Australia

The Hot Fuzz star has just wrapped shooting for his new surf thriller movie, set Down Under


After six weeks of filming in Western Australia, Simon Pegg has just completed shooting Kill Me Three Times, with Neighbours actor Luke Hemsworth and Teresa Palmer (Warm Bodies).


“It’s been so damn good to be bad. Gonna miss the good guys,” Tweeted Pegg about his co-stars in the movie.

During the Aussie shoot, he commented on his love of the scenery: “I imagine at some point, I will stop saying `wow, cool’ at the kangaroos I see on my way into work. Not this morning though”. 

Kill Me Three Times has been shot in 10 locations around Australia, including wine haven Magaret River.

Written by James McFarland, Kill Me Three Times takes place in a surf town, and follows a hot-headed assassin (Pegg) hired to murder the singer wife (Alice Braga) of a wealthy man (Callan Mulvey). The tale is told from the perspective of each character involved. Producer Tania Chambers revealed that the thriller would follow Pegg’s popular comedy that fans of Sean of the Dead and The World’s End know well.

Australia’s film scene is shuffling forwards into the international spotlight with the government making a push to fund big projects. Angelina Jolie is currently in Queensland filming her second directorial effort ‘Unbroken’ and Disney has committed to filming a big-budget remake of 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea later in the year.

Kill Me Three Times is due for release in 2014.

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