Emmerdale spoilers: Amy tries to save Kyle from drowning – Chelsea Halfpenny interview

The actress reveals why Kyle's riverside plunge convinces Amy to go for custody of her son


Amy Wyatt is to quick take action in an upcoming episode when her son Kyle falls into a river.


“Amy has been allowed to see Kyle but only with Joanie as a chaperone,” explains Chelsea Halfpenny, who plays Amy. “They go for a picnic and Amy is playing pooh sticks with Kyle by the river. But she’s not used to keeping a close watch on a toddler and after taking her eye off him for ten seconds he falls in.”

In dramatic scenes to be shown next week, Amy will jump into the murky water to rescue Kyle. But despite the lad being relatively unharmed by the experience, Amy is left distraught after Joanie (Denise Black) resolves that Amy should not see Kyle again.

“Amy gets hysterical, which scares Joanie. The outcome is that Joanie tells Amy that this is the last time that she’s going to see Kyle. With her options narrowing, Amy reaches the decision that the only thing she can do is to go for custody.”

But is Amy really convinced that she can get parental control of Kyle after all this time?

“She’s not researched it at all, but she reckons that being his mam is enough,” says Halfpenny. “Amy thinks that she’s got a whole family surrounding her, whereas Joanie is just one person. But how would she explain to Kyle later on that she missed out on two years of his life? Personally, I don’t think she should have gone to the funeral of Kyle’s adoptive parents in the first place.”

The trouble is that Amy’s plans soon become common knowledge after Joanie overhears Kerry telling Dan that Amy is set to go to social services. “Joanie’s absolutely distraught because it feels like a threat. Social services tell her that Amy has no chance but there’s a ‘what if?’ at the back of Joanie’s mind and it’s making her more and more furious.”

With the stage set for a legal fight over Kyle, it looks like there’s plenty of drama ahead for Amy and Joanie. So is Halfpenny relishing the opportunity to get stuck into such a meaty storyline?

“I’ve loved it. I like how gritty it all is and it’s certainly something a bit different to the average teenage plotline, which normally involves boyfriend troubles of some kind. The river scenes, in particular, were amazing to film. I was in the water and I had to face-plant the riverbed. It was actually only ten inches deep but I had to make it look like it was taking me under.


“So I was being really dramatic and coughing a lot. I really enjoyed it. It was class. And I’m sure it’s going to be one of those moments where viewers are going to be on tenterhooks and screaming for Amy to get Kyle to safety.”