Downton Abbey series four, episode two: the best quotes

From Violet's quick wit to Lady Rose's mischievous words, those Downton Abbey characters know how to deliver a good line


Violet to Robert: “When you talk like that I’m tempted to ring the bell for nanny and send you to bed with no supper.”


Mary (dropping her perfume bottle): “Damn. Now the room’s going to smell like a tart’s boudoir.”

Moseley to Bates: “You’re not discourteous, Mr Bates, I’ll give you that. But you’re not friendly.” 

Carson: “We shout and scream and wail and cry, but in the end we must all die.”

Hughes: “Ah. That’s cheered me up.”

Edith to Gregson (about staying in London. Don’t get carried away just yet…): “It’s getting harder and harder to say no.”

Bates to Anna: “You have put up with so much that I couldn’t change, so if there is ever the slightest thing I can make better for you I will.” 

Rose to local boy Sam Thorley: “I never saw anything so brave as the way you punched that horrid man.”

Downton Abbey continues on Sundays at 9:00pm on ITV.