Broadchurch: Jodie Whittaker – I am in the dark about series two

The actress who played grieving mother Beth in series one says she has no idea if she has a part in the follow-up


One of Broadchurch’s most pivotal characters still doesn’t know if she will be in series two, can reveal.


“I could be in all of it. I could be in none of it,” said Jodie Whittaker, who played grieving Mum Beth Latimer in series one. “So I’m forever texting [scriptwriter] Chris Chibnall just to keep reminding him of my existence!”

Asked if she was worried about the so-called ‘curse of the sequel’, and whether series two will be as good as the first, she said: “Originally [Chris Chibnall] pitched it as a bigger series so it’s not that he’s writing a second series for the sake of it; he’s writing what he originally pitched. For him, the story always continued.”

In the meantime, Whittaker is to play a firefighter’s wife in Sky drama The Smoke.

The 30-year-old actress will star alongside Jamie Bamber and Rhashan Stone in Sky1’s new eight-part series, which follows the adventures of a team of London firefighters.

The “gripping, high adrenaline drama” sees Whittaker play “gutsy” Trish, the girlfriend of Kev, an injured firefighter returning to work.

The Smoke is penned by Skin’s writer Lucy Kirkwood, directed by Silent Witness’ Mike Barker and produced by Mayday’s Chris Fry. Gerard Kearns, Pippa Bennett-Warner and Taron Egerton also feature.