Doctor Who – a day in the life of an obsessive fan

From the moment your Tardis alarm clock goes off to the point at which your head hits your David Tennant pillow, there's enough Doctor Who merchandise to fill every minute of the day...

7am: Your Doctor Who Tardis Topper alarm clock goes off and you reluctantly slide out from underneath your Dalek duvet. You sleepily pull of your Tardis onesie and stumble towards the shower. 


7.10am: Switch on your Cybermen shower radio, step into the shower and lather up with your Dalek shower gel. When you’re done, rub yourself down with your police box bath towel before pulling on your Tom Baker towelling robe. Looking snazzy… 

7:20am: It’s time to get dressed… Don’t forget to accessorize your outfit with your bow tie and fez – fezzes are cool – and if you’re feeling particularly flash, give your Cybermen cufflinks a whirl. 

7:30am: No breakfast is complete without a disappearing Tardis mug. Watch the Doctor’s time machine materialise into galactic space before your eyes as you pour in your tea, before tucking into a boiled egg from your special Eggsterminator egg cup

7:45am: It’s almost time to head to work, but not before you’ve given your teeth a good clean with your sonic screwdriver toothbrush

7:50am: Grab your extra-long fourth Doctor scarf (you’re going to want to loop that round a few times…), fetch your 50th anniversary Doctor’s retro shoulder bag – and don’t forget your Matt Smith brolly

8:00am: Step onto the bus and whip our your trusty Doctor Who oyster card holder. You’re the envy of commuters, but make sure you don’t annoy them by playing the best of Murray Gold too loudly on your way into work. 

11:00am: It’s time for a cup of tea – and what better receptacle to drink it from than your 3D Jon Pertwee mug? Dunk a jammy dodger in for good measure. 

1:00pm: Luncheon is a opportunity to show off your Tardis lunch box and water bottleOr if you’re of the disorganised sort and need to purchase some sustainance, whip out your commemorative 50th anniversary Doctor’s wallet when you reach the till. 

5:00pm: It’s time to shut down your Karen Gillan desktop and catch the bus home. Hurrah! 

6:00pm: No need to rummage around in your bag for your keys – they should be pretty easy to spot with your Tardis torch keyring. Who’s laughing now… 

6:30pm: Dinner time and there’s food to be cooked – throw on your stylish Cyberman apron and serve up some nosh. Don’t forget your Exterminate! napkins and Keep Calm and Love Matt Smith coaster set

9:00pm: It’s Friday night so invite your mates over for some Cybermen and Weeping Angel cookies served from your Dalek cake stand. A game of Doctor Who Monopoly wouldn’t go amiss, either.

10:00pm: If it’s a wild night you’re after, it’s time to bring out the tequila and, of course, your Doctor Who shot glasses. In the mood for a cocktail? Try mixing up a fish custard or a baker’s scarf… 

00:00am: It’s been a long day, so it’s time to climb back into your onesie and hit your David Tennant-themed pillow. Sweet dreams in space and time!