Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special: the Daleks in disrepair in new behind the scenes image

And what's the strange object visible in the background of the eerie new shot?

This shadowy backstage shot from the set of the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special shows Daleks in a various states of disrepair – inlcuding some entirely missing their upper halves – while behind them a strange circular object can be glimpsed.


The newly released image marks eight weeks until The Day of the Doctor airs on Saturday 23 November, the exact date 50 years ago when the first ever episode, An Unearthly Child, introduced the world to Doctor Who.

The BBC’s official Doctor Who site also tells fans to “stand by for several surprises” coming in the run up to the new episode, one of which is the “bold, brilliant and unexpected” trailer, currently in post-production.

The Day of the Doctor is set to bring together Matt Smith’s Time Lord with his predecessor, David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor, as well as John Hurt’s new dark and mysterious incarnation.