Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

30 Sep-4 Oct: Heath confronts Zac, Ricky advises Brax to testify at the trial, while John's debts cause him to consider leaving

Monday 30 September


Heath is furious when Bianca arrives home drunk and does not mention that she was accompanied to the dinner by Zac. Marilyn talks Irene into giving John a trial at the Diner, but things do not go well. On seeing how upset Spencer is when Sasha suggests that she may move away, Maddy realises that he still has feelings for her.

Tuesday 1 October

Heath and Bianca work through their differences, but their public display of affection is witnessed by Zac, who looks on with regret. Ricky has accepted that she is going to prison and tells Brax to testify against her. Alf comes up with a plan to buy Sally’s house. Maddy decides to put Spencer’s feelings before her own.

Wednesday 2 October

At Ricky’s trial, Brax is jailed for refusing to give his witness statement, and the stress causes Tamara’s memories of her feelings for Casey to return. Casey’s testimony decides Ricky’s fate, and the sentence surprises everyone. Alf lies to Sally and Pippa, telling them that the bank approved a loan to buy their house.

Thursday 3 October

Casey resorts to alcohol and proves to be a bad influence on Maddy, who takes a swig from his ‘water’ bottle at the gym. As Pippa’s condition deteriorates, Alf comes clean, saying that the house loan was not approved. April’s new mentor at work proves to be very frosty towards her.

Friday 4 October


After being assigned another batch of menial duties, April locks horns with her mentor Dr Peta Bradley. As John’s debt makes him consider leaving the Bay, Marilyn declares how important he is to her and proposes that they should start a bus-tour business. Sally realises that, for Pippa’s sake, she has to swallow her pride and accept Roo’s help.