BBC economics editor Stephanie Flanders quits

Journalist leaves Corporation to take up new role with JP Morgan bank

BBC economics editor Stephanie Flanders is leaving the Corporation after 11 years.


The journalist is taking up a new position with the bank JP Morgan beginning in November.

Flanders, the daughter of British actor and singer Michael Flanders, of the Flanders and Swann comedy double act, has worked in a variety of BBC roles including a stint as economics editor on Newsnight, and on Radio 4 where she presented Stephanomics and Start the Week, among other projects. 

Because of the sensitivities surrounding her new job she will step down from reporting on economics immediately but will continue to present Radio 4’s Start the Week and finish filming an upcoming documentary.

Flanders has been a popular figure at the BBC during her time there where she was known for her commitment to her bicycle – once presenting a review of Britain’s economy for Panorama from the saddle, travelling the length of the country.

She said of her decision to leave: “I’ve had an incredibly rewarding time at the BBC. I’ll always be grateful for the chance to report on the economy at such an important time. I’ll miss the BBC and all the very talented people I’ve worked with. Maybe one day, I’ll be back. But after 11 years, it’s time for a fresh challenge.

“In my new job I’ll have more time and resources for research and I’ll get a deeper understanding of the markets, from inside one of the world’s most experienced financial institutions.”

 “I’ll also be helping to grow a business. That’s something I’ve never done before. Having spent all of my working life as an economist, talking about the market economy – this feels like the right time to give it a try.”
James Harding, BBC director of news and current affairs, said: “Stephanie has given our audience unrivalled coverage of the economy – the most important story in Britain over the past few years. She has done it with intelligence, understanding and good judgement.  For the past eleven years she has been an exceptional journalist and broadcaster and she’ll be sorely missed. We all wish her every success in the future.” 
Robert Peston, BBC business editor, added: “Stephanie has been the outstanding economics broadcaster of the last few years. She has made an enormous contribution to the BBC, because of the authority and clarity of her journalism. We all wish her well in her new and challenging role, but I will feel the loss of an always stimulating and supportive colleague”.