Mary Berry’s introduction to hemp: The Twitter reaction

Bake Off sent shockwaves through Twitter as Mary Berry sniffed, touched and eventually ate a date and hemp loaf

Well, well, well. We thought when people talked about using ‘naughty’ ingredients in their baking, they were reaching for the double cream. But last night, Howard showed off his Date and Hemp Yorkshire Loaf.


Now, to ensure lovely Howard (and Mary Berry’s) reputations remain intact, hemp flour and hemp oil are perfectly legit baking ingredients, and do not contain any of the active compunds found in certain other products that emenate from the plant also known as marijuana.  

Nevertheless, in the Bake Off tent it was like Howard had presented the loaf with his trousers around his ankles. The tent was practically blushing.

Mary asked lots of thoughtful questions. Host Sue Perkins tried to answer them delicately.

And Twitter found the whole thing hilarious…