Farewell VW campervan – 5 classic screen moments

With the news that Volkswagen is to stop producing the classic T2 bus, we pay homage with our favourite TV and film clips featuring the iconic vehicle

Hippies the world over will be saddened by the recent news that the classic model VW Campervan will be discontinued after 63 years. 


The decision comes due to a change in Brazilian vehicle regulations. The vans are only built in Brazil, but from 2014 all models manufactured in the country will need to have airbags and anti-lock breaking systems, meaning that the original design will be scrapped.

It’s still possible to buy one of the retro vans until December, when the very last VW T2 bus will roll off the production line in São Paulo. We pay tribute to the iconic vehicle with some classic campervan on screen moments:

1. Little Miss Sunshine – no one gets left behind

You can’t beat this comedy premise – a dysfunctional family, in a yellow VW van on a long distance road trip. In this heart-warming film (starring Greg Kinnear, Toni Collette and Paul Dano) a family club together, despite their problems, to get their youngest child to the finals of a beauty pageant. En route they have tantrums, horn troubles, a death, lose a child and collect her again because “no one gets left behind”.

2. Top Gear – Jamie Oliver tosses salad in his van

You can take the boy out of Essex, but you can’t stop Jamie Oliver’s wide boy antics – he owns a souped up VW van with a Porsche 3.6 litre engine in it. Jeremy Clarkson finds this hilarious and challenges him to make a salad in the back, while it’s being driven at high speeds around a race track. Oliver prepares a mozzarella, fig, olive and rocket dish, which quickly ends up all over him.

3. Back to the Future – Doc and Marty fired on by Libyan terrorists

Doctor Emmett gets himself in a spot of bother when he takes plutonium from a bunch of rebels so that he can build his DeLorean time machine. Just as he’s documenting his time travel with Marty McFly in a car park, the terrorists speed over in a blue VW campervan T2  and open fire…

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4. Jackie Brown – campervan lost in the car park

Criminal Louis Gara (Robert De Niro) and layabout Melanie Ralston (Bridget Fonda) get stressed looking for their white VW van, after shoplifting from a department store. Louis is so agitated he ends up shooting Melanie in the car park, before casually driving off.

5. Argo – escaping the US consulate in Tehran

Ben Affleck’s Oscar-winning movie sees six Americans tensely avoid a hostage situation in Iran, in 1980. They escape out of the back door of the building and later pretend to be a Canadian film crew in an attempt to flee the country. They set up a meeting with Reza Borhani and travel via a mustard-coloured VW campervan along the backstreets of Tehran and right through a crowd of angry protestors, who begin hitting and rocking the van.

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